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Our philosophy about How Children Learn

We believe….

Play is purposeful and when children play they learn about themselves, their environment, and the world around them. Play helps children build the skills necessary for critical thinking and problem solving which makes them feel good about their ability to learn. As they play, children learn important social skills to work cooperatively with others. Language skills develop as children engage in conversation with one another. Play enhances creativity.

  • encourages language and helps children develop skills for reading and writing. Play in early childhood lays the foundation for success in school.
  • young children learn best by active exploration and experimentation of a wide variety of developmentally appropriate materials in an organized environment.
  • children learn by using their five senses of touch, taste, smell and feel. Activities that involve the use of these senses make learning fun, exciting, and memorable.
  • that when children reach, grasp, crawl, run, balance and climb that they are developing important physical skills.
  • positive play experiences develop a positive emotional well-being for children. When children feel safe, secure, and successful they develop a positive self-image.
  • play has a critical role in the development of young children.
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