Recent Letter to the Director

My name is Stacey, and way back in 1996, I enrolled my infant daughter in Appleseed Daycare. She graduated from Appleseed in 2001. I thought I would share with you that this past May, she graduated high school from Lenoir City High School in Tennessee. She graduated in the top 25% of her class, was awarded the Tennessee Hope Scholarship, and was also named Outstanding Senior in the high school's Criminal Justice program. In August, she will be enrolled in University of Tennessee's Arts and Sciences program majoring in Honors Political Science with a pre-Law track.

I was always very impressed with Appleseed and the great start she got on her education from you. At a very early age, you helped instill a love of learning, and Appleseed was never just a daycare, it was her first school; you taught her things that many children don't learn until they reach kindergarten. We have many fond memories of our time at Appleseed, and I thought you might be interested in an update on one of your former students.

Then and now:
Sincerely, Stacey

Good morning Kathy!
Couldn't resist the chance to say hello. I hope I am correct and that you have been the Director there for many years? I noticed through Facebook that some of my friends children are attending. I have twins (Jennifer and Christina McGuinness) who went there over 20 years ago. We were in a tough spot with daycares but found you and I will be forever grateful that we did.

The girls blossomed with you all and were treated with kindness and love and I just can't tell you how much that has meant to me over the years. Christina now has a son of her own and was always looking for something like Appleseed. Fortunately she found one.

If indeed you are the same person from all those years ago – Thank you! And even if not – Appleseed was by far a gift from the Lord for us.

Best Regards,
Pam McGuinness