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About Us
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The Appleseed is a year-round Christian preschool for children ages six weeks to five years old. As a ministry of Church of All Nations we have been providing the highest quality care and education to the children in our community since 1963.
The mission of The Appleseed is to glorify God through the training and nurturing of each child in their spiritual, academic, physical, emotional, and social development. Through Christian principles we will lovingly guide each child to reach their fullest potential and become lifelong learners.
  • the bible is the inspired and only infallible and authoritative written Word of God.

  • there is one God, eternally existent in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.
  • in the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, in His virgin birth, in His sinless life, in His miracles, in His vicarious and atoning death, in His bodily resurrection, in His ascension to the right hand of the Father, and in His personal future return to this earth in power and glory to rule a thousand years.
  • in the blessed hope-the rapture of the Church at Christ's coming
  • the only means of being cleansed from sin is through repentance and faith in the precious blood of Christ.
  • regeneration by the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential for personal salvation.
  • in water baptism by immersion.
  • the redemptive work of Christ on the cross provides healing of the human body in answer to believing prayer.
  • the baptism in the Holy Spirit, according to Acts 2:4 is given to believers who ask for it.
  • in the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit by whose indwelling the Christian is enabled to live a holy life.
  • in the resurrection of both the saved and the lost, the one to everlasting life and the other to everlasting damnation.

At The Appleseed we are committed to providing a safe, clean, loving, Christian environment for the children in our care. We know that we have a profound responsibility in the eyes of God to reflect his love and "train his little ones in the way they should go"
Our center is APPLE accredited and recognized as a Gold Seal Quality program by the Florida Association of Child Care Management.

APPLE (Accredited Professional Preschool Learning Environment) is a national early learning program accreditation. A.P.P.L.E. is one of the largest accrediting programs for early learning centers. In Florida, APPLE is accepted as one of Florida's Gold Seal Quality programs.

The Appleseed is a Quality Counts and Strong Minds in network provider.

Strong Minds is a voluntary quality rating improvement system that promotes high quality in early care and education programs. The goal of Strong Minds is to ensure all children enter kindergarten ready to learn.

Strong Minds focuses on:

  • improving children's learning and development
  • improving adult-child interactions
  • increasing family engagement in children's learning and development

Conscious Discipline
Our programs
VPK program
Toddler Room
Preschool Programs
Nursery Program
Little Sprouts (6 weeks - 9 months)
Big Sprouts (9 months - 15 months)
Exploring Sprouts (15 months - 2 yrs)
provides a clean, safe, healthy environment for our babies. Each classroom is set up with low open shelves which display a variety of developmentally appropriate toys and materials for the children to choose from.

Baby Doll Circle Time
Baby Doll Circle Time is the invention of Dr. Becky Bailey, the brain behind Conscious Discipline. Research shows secure adult-child relationships are a prerequisite for healthy child development.

Our VPK program offers children an unparalleled level of individual attention to ensure success in fundamental academics like reading, writing and math. Children also enjoy music and art as part of the regular curriculum. Our goal is to ensure that all 4 year olds are ready to enter kindergarten by the end of the school year. We understand the importance of play and how learning through exploring builds foundational skills critical for future success. Our dynamic, fun and secure environment, supported by our professional teaching staff is the perfect place for children to learn and grow.

Our toddler room provides many opportunities for active exploration throughout the day. Children will use their bodies, their senses and problem solving skills to learn about the world around them. Each experience is designed to engage the natural curiosity and creativity of children this age. We balance individual attention with group experiences and ensure your toddler's energy is channeled into positive learning experiences.
Our toddler room is set up with the following learning centers:

Housekeeping and Dramatic Play

This area is set up with small kid size furniture, dress-up clothes, play food and dishes and baby dolls.
Different sizes, shapes, and colored blocks are provided along with cars, trucks, and play people where children can use their imagination to build and pretend play.
Children can choose from large, chunky puzzles with knobs or challenge themselves with more complex puzzles. They can also play with cause and effect toys, or stack colorful nesting barrels inside one another etc.
Library area
This area is set up with pillows, soft stuffed toys, puppets and books. Here the children can choose from a variety of age appropriate books or snuggle up in the teacher's lap while she reads to them.
Toddlers love activities like finger-painting, pasting, coloring pictures, and folding or ripping paper. These activities might be a bit messy, but they have immense value. They help toddlers:

  • get used to new textures, such as the feeling of finger paint
  • learn how paint moves on the paper and the fun feeling of cool paint on their fingers as they move it around on slick paper.
  • develop all kinds of fine motor skills, as they use their fingers, feet and so on
  • express their thoughts, experiences or ideas through their creations.
Sand and Water play
Routinely sand and water play is set up on the patio area outside for sensory exploration and creative expression.
A separate playground is provided for our two year olds with swings, balls, and ride on toy where children can exercise their large muscles daily.
God's Little Angels - 2 year old class

Living with Jesus- 2 year old class

Creation Kids- 2 ½ year old class

Son Flowers - 3 year old class

Kids of the kingdom - 3 ½ year old class

Our preschool program provides many opportunities for active exploration. Children will use their five senses and emerging problem solving skills to make new discoveries. Learning experiences are designed to engage the natural curiosity and creativity of each child. Teachers balance individual attention with group experiences to ensure your child's energy is channeled into positive learning experiences.

Our preschool environment fosters academics and social skills with well designed learning centers that give children a purpose to their play. Our goal is to give preschoolers a sense of accomplishment and build their confidence from daily successes.

Parent Information
Tips for busy Parents

Everyone's situation is unique and has its own challenges, but here are a few tips that will help make time with your children more meaningful.

  • Establish a good routine for everyday and try to stick with it as much as possible. Children feel safe when they know what to expect next. Have your child help in making a daily routine poster where they have a visual of what is coming next. They can cut and paste pictures of children eating breakfast, brushing their teeth, a parent/child reading together etc. Children feel safe when they know what to expect next.
  • When you get home from work, turn off the TV and the computer and try to take a few moments to spend some quality time together i.e. read a book, play a game or just talk to them about their day. This is time that you will never regret and moments that you and your child will hopefully remember forever. I think most parents will find that it also helps them to wind down from their busy day and focus on what really is important.
  • Involve your child in daily routines such as: making dinner, setting the table, or even helping to fold clothes. All these things offer great learning opportunities for children. When setting the table have your child count how many people are in the family and then count the number of forks, spoons, cups etc. they will need. When children help fold a basket of laundry, have them sort the like colors together and count them etc.
A big part of quality time is communication; kids thrive when they know their parents listen to them which makes them feel valued and loved and develop a positive self-image.

All staff at The Appleseed are required to take First Aid/CPR every 2 years.
Creative Curriculum
Our philosophy
Conscious Discipline
Educational Curriculum
Bible Curriculum
The Creative Curriculum for Preschool is based on 38 objectives for development and learning. These objectives are fully aligned with the Early Learning Framework and state early learning standards.

It is also one of the approved curriculums for our contracts with the Early Learning Coalition and the Strong Minds network.
The Creative Curriculum focuses on these five areas of development:

  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Cognitive
  • Language
  • Physical
Bible Curriculum

Our desire at The Appleseed is to see every child give their heart to Jesus Christ. We want them to know how precious they are and how much he loves them. The Preschool Post Bible Curriculum uses stories, songs and activities to help young children relate biblical principles to their everyday life.

The Environment

Each classroom is set up with learning centers to include:

  • Housekeeping
  • Block Play
  • Science
  • Manipulative Play
  • Art
These learning centers allow free choice of activity during Center Time in the daily schedule.
Our philosophy about How Children Learn

We believe….

Play is purposeful and when children play they learn about themselves, their environment, and the world around them. Play helps children build the skills necessary for critical thinking and problem solving which makes them feel good about their ability to learn. As they play, children learn important social skills to work cooperatively with others. Language skills develop as children engage in conversation with one another. Play enhances creativity.

  • encourages language and helps children develop skills for reading and writing. Play in early childhood lays the foundation for success in school.
  • young children learn best by active exploration and experimentation of a wide variety of developmentally appropriate materials in an organized environment.
  • children learn by using their five senses of touch, taste, smell and feel. Activities that involve the use of these senses make learning fun, exciting, and memorable.
  • that when children reach, grasp, crawl, run, balance and climb that they are developing important physical skills.
  • positive play experiences develop a positive emotional well-being for children. When children feel safe, secure, and successful they develop a positive self-image.
  • play has a critical role in the development of young children.

What is Conscious Discipline?
Created by Dr. Becky Bailey, an internationally renowned expert in child developmental psychology, Conscious Discipline® is built on the premise of developing discipline within children rather than applying discipline to them.

The Conscious Discipline process applies equally to parents, child care givers, educators, and patient caregivers.

Teachers use the latest brain research to break out of the instinctive habit of disciplining children the same way you were disciplined as a child.

Conscious Discipline is the only program that integrates classroom management with social-emotional learning, uses everyday events as part of a school's curriculum, and addresses the adult as well as the child.

The Conscious Discipline program has been named a national model for character education by the Florida State Legislature. It has also been proven to reduce aggression by 64% while increasing reading scores by 18%; in fact, Conscious Discipline classrooms score significantly higher in statewide reading comprehension, writing, and math tests.

The method's School Family™ concept, part of the third pyramid stage, defines three essential ingredients for a school's success:

  • Increasing the willingness to learn by creating a sense of belonging
  • Boosting impulse control internally: a much more effective approach than an external system of punishment and rewards
  • Helping children develop and apply sustained attention by reducing stress and encouraging contributions in a caring atmosphere
Educational Curriculum
At The Appleseed we use Frog Street and The Creative Curriculum. It is based on 38 learning objectives the following five areas of development: social/emotional, language, physical and cognitive.

How children learn

  • young children learn best by active exploration and experimentation of a wide variety of developmentally appropriate materials in an organized environment.

  • children learn by using their five senses of touch, taste, smell and feel. Activities that involve the use of these senses make learning fun, exciting, and memorable.

  • when children reach, grasp, crawl, run, balance and climb that they are developing important physical skills.

  • positive play experiences develop a positive emotional well-being for children. When children feel safe, secure, and successful they develop a positive self-esteem.

Bible Curriculum
Our desire at The Appleseed is to see every child give their heart to Jesus Christ. We want them to know how very precious they are and how much he loves them.

We use The Abeka Bible Curriculum which has simple stories, songs and activities to teach children about the bible and stories about Jesus.

Every Thursday is Chapel Day at The Appleseed. All the classes gather together to sing, dance and learn more about the bible and Jesus.

Conscious Discipline

Conscious Discipline is a whole-school solution for social-emotional learning, discipline, self-regulation and classroom management. The strategies and structures transform school culture into a safe haven of cooperation, constructive problem solving and academic success.

The Environment

Each of our classrooms are set up with learning centers to include, housekeeping, block play, science, math, art, and manipulative play. These learning centers allow free choice of activity during the daily schedule.

Transitioning from home to school to teacher and child to student is a very important part of beginning a school day. Kids and teachers all come into the classroom in different brain states. It is necessary to spend a few minutes getting everyone on the same page, connected, and ready to learn. This can be short and sweet, but must contain all of the below components to be effective:

Brain Smart Start

Children and teachers come into the classroom in different brain states in the morning. To get everyone on the same page, connected and ready to learn, we begin our mornings with the Brain Smart Start.

This is a very important component of the Conscious Discipline program and involves four activities; an activity to unite, and activity to connect, and activity to commit, and an activity to disengage stress. .

Small Group Time

Small group usually takes place during free choice or center time. The teacher will set up an activity for a small group of 3 or 4 children where she is able to work on skills such as, counting, number and letter recognition, sequencing, sorting, and writing. This also allows teachers time to get to know their students better and evaluate their skills for individual planning.

Brain Development and the young child

We know how important the early years are to brain development. A child's brain undergoes an amazing period of development from birth to three, producing more than a million neural connections every second. The experiences a child has during this period will shape the architecture of their brain and build the connections that allow the child to develop lifelong skills like problem-solving, communication, self-control, and relationship building.

Meet Our Staff

April Camacho
Appleseed Preschool Director

Dear Families,
On behalf of The Appleseed Preschool and Nursery I would like to welcome you to our website!
Here at The Appleseed we believe that the social/emotional development of children is integral to intellectual development and achievement, as well as instilling the Word of God into everyday scenarios.
Our first priority when your child starts our program is to build a relationship based on trust, unconditional love and acceptance. The staff at The Appleseed are deeply committed to ensuring that every child feels respected and valued with the understanding that a child's first school experience can set the stage for a love of learning and the love of God that continues beyond preschool.
Studies have shown that children with parents who are active participants in their education have a much higher success rate in school and in life. One of our program goals is to bridge the gap between school and home therefore, we encourage parents to become involved with their child's education.
The essence of our program is reflected in the warm spirit of our community of children, parents, teachers, and staff which we fondly refer to as our School Family. This is an inclusive and supportive community where life-long friendships are formed.
I invite you to explore our website and call us with any questions or to set up a tour of the facility.
I hope you will choose The Appleseed as your child's preschool and become part of our school family. I look forward to meeting you.

Warmest Regards
April Camacho
Program Director
[email protected]

Administration Staff
Assistant Director-Nursery
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Curriculum specialist
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Assistant Director-Preschool
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