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Tips for busy Parents

Everyone's situation is unique and has its own challenges, but here are a few tips that will help make time with your children more meaningful.

  • Establish a good routine for everyday and try to stick with it as much as possible. Children feel safe when they know what to expect next. Have your child help in making a daily routine poster where they have a visual of what is coming next. They can cut and paste pictures of children eating breakfast, brushing their teeth, a parent/child reading together etc. Children feel safe when they know what to expect next.
  • When you get home from work, turn off the TV and the computer and try to take a few moments to spend some quality time together i.e. read a book, play a game or just talk to them about their day. This is time that you will never regret and moments that you and your child will hopefully remember forever. I think most parents will find that it also helps them to wind down from their busy day and focus on what really is important.
  • Involve your child in daily routines such as: making dinner, setting the table, or even helping to fold clothes. All these things offer great learning opportunities for children. When setting the table have your child count how many people are in the family and then count the number of forks, spoons, cups etc. they will need. When children help fold a basket of laundry, have them sort the like colors together and count them etc.
A big part of quality time is communication; kids thrive when they know their parents listen to them which makes them feel valued and loved and develop a positive self-image.
We were so blessed this week to have the Connect with a Child Children's Choir from Kenya Africa come and minister to us with their beautiful singing and dancing. Our children really enjoyed their performance and were so kind and loving to each one of them. Likewise, they really enjoyed spending time at The Appleseed and meeting the children. It was a wonderful, touching experience for everyone.


The Connect with a Child Children's Choir is made up of children from Kenya East Africa. Most of these children are from the slums and from a very poor background. Connect with a Child Children's Choir is dedicated to spreading love, hope, and joy while raising awareness for the desperate plight of orphans and other vulnerable children.

Their colorful clothing, pounding drums and sweet voices demonstrate their hope and dream for a brighter future. Their inspirational stories of resilience have instilled hope in the hearts of all those who have seen them perform.

The Connect with a Child Children's Choir only consists of children that have been sponsored by different families who gave them the opportunity to better their future life through education over the years.

Everywhere the choir travels the vision and mission of Connect with a Child is present. The experience these children acquire from traveling around the world gives them the opportunity to experience other cultures and broaden their worldview. These all help build self-confidence within so they can rise up out of their situations of sadness and despair.

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